The following questions are common reasons that individuals may be referred to a neuropsychologist or seek an evaluation independently:

Questions about learning and development:
Does this patient have a developmental disorder affecting learning?
If so, what interventions / school recommendations may be helpful and increase the chances of academic success?

Questions about traumatic brain injury:
Has the individual sustained a brain injury?  What are the cognitive (thinking) and behavioral effects of the injury?  What treatments may be helpful?  Does he / she have any permanent impairments and / or disability as a result of the injury?

Questions about memory and aging:
Is the individual experiencing normal age-related changes or signs / symptoms of  a neurological disease or psychiatric condition?

Questions about changes in personality and / or behavior:
Is the person exhibiting symptoms of a psychiatric disorder or do their problems indicate  the presence of neurological condition or brain-related syndrome?

Questions that address Medical / Legal Issues:
Does the person have cognitive and / or behavioral problems a consequence of an accident / or injury?  If so, what types of problems, how severe are the problems and what are the functional consequences of the injury?